Mesothelioma FAQ

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When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it is only normal to have questions. If you have developed mesothelioma, it is important that you get answers to those questions as soon as possible. Your cancer could be the result of someone else's negligence, so make sure you do everything you can to protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

At the Odom Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys have been protecting the rights of people suffering the affects of asbestos exposure since 1982. From our offices in Fayetteville, we help people throughout northwest Arkansas and across the country. We understand your rights and options. We will make sure you have all of the information you need to protect you and your family.

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Before you take any legal action, you want to know more about your rights and options. Our attorneys are here to answer your questions and help you explore your options, so you can make well-informed decisions throughout the recovery process.
  • What is mesothelioma? Most often caused by asbestos exposure, mesothelioma is cancer of the mesothelium, which lines your body's internal organs.
  • What are the available resources for treatment? As with all types of cancer, the sooner you diagnose mesothelioma, the better. There are several treatment courses available, including chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy.
  • Who is at risk for mesothelioma? Anyone who has had prolonged exposure to asbestos is at high risk for mesothelioma. High-risk occupations include industrial work in factories where asbestos is commonly used.
  • What is asbestos and where does it come from? Asbestos is a fibrous silicate mineral that was used industrially in a variety of products including thermal insulation, cement pipe, drywall materials, gaskets, automotive brakes and refractory materials. Hundreds of companies manufacture asbestos products. It was used for many years in large pipes used for construction.
These are just a few of the questions we are ready to answer for you. We understand this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mesothelioma and asbestos exposure claims, and we will be ready to provide you with legal counsel tailored to your specific concerns.


Every person diagnosed with mesothelioma has unique concerns. While this FAQ can provide important insights, the best way to get answers is to talk to a lawyer face to face. Contact our Fayetteville offices online or call 479-439-9269 or toll free at 866-935-2070 today to schedule a free initial consultation and learn more.

We handle all personal injury and mesothelioma claims on a contingency basis, so you do not pay any legal fees until your case is resolved.
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